Our Mission

  1. Be a platform for socially-relevant, feminist, community-driven artwork

  2. Provide creative community, educational resources, and a laboratory for women to explore and investigate their spirituality

  3. To establish common ground between women of different backgrounds, within the Jewish world and beyond, reflecting the universal human experiences that transcend religious/cultural divides

Well of Wills creates community for womXn, that is anyBODY who identifies with the female experience, in any way. 


Our Collaborative Artworks

  • Empower women’s ownership of their narratives through storytelling, performance and ritual
  • Drive conversation and critically engage with Jewish history, theology, culture and contemporary socio-political issues
  • Center women’s voices and leadership

Our Name/Our Vision

The name “Well of Wills” is a generative invocation of the soul. A well: the site of ancient miracles and prayer. A place, a container, a source of water, life. A well that contains Will. Destiny. (Divine) desire! According to Jewish mysticism, “Desire” is symbolized by water.

While our unique understanding of the “soul” vary, we believe each person to contain within them an inherent light, love, and connectedness. That energy flows through us, uniting us with each other and the entire Universe. We aim to (re)build the world of this consciousness. As individuals and as a community, we pray “I am/ We are the site, the source, the container, the miracle of Desire. Of Will.”

Grounded in this consciousness and the particulars of our lives, we ask: What can be emptied, released, made to flow, healed and/or transformed?

Finally, as artists, we recognize the enmeshed nature of our creativity and spirituality, and this work is our ward against the fears, doubts, and stagnancy that can block us on our creative/spiritual paths.


Our Process: “Labs” 

To date, we have created a series of experimental programs we call “LABS” to help us identify and test different Jewishly infused, art-based practices for our community.

Our Labs draw from both religious and academic texts to inform a new constructive approach to Jewish and feminist identity. We explore the authority and authorship inherent within Jewish texts to engage our community in thinking about new ways that our tradition can help us navigate and comment on our current socio-political context.