The Judith Project is hiring for 2 roles! Producer & Stage Manager

We're building up our badass team for a new, full-length theater piece to be performed December 2018...

About the piece:
This is a reconstruction of the Jewish myth of Judith. Judith was a heroine who stood up to the Jewish patriarchy and defended her tribe against a violent imperial army by seducing and then cutting of the head of General Holofernes. She saves an entire region from decimation with the help of one female companion. The Well of Wills community will collectively adapt the story to reflect the political reality, systemic oppression and the heroic role of intersectional feminism in present day America.  The project is directed by Lecoq-trained theater director, Nessa Norich.

Description of roles


Will manage the following tasks:

- updating/managing the budget (with support from the project's Executive Producer)
- co-create marketing calendar with Exec Producer
- manage marketing calendar
- manage social media marketing
- create and send press release
- audience building + manage promotion
- oversee Stage Manager roles

Length of Commitment: As soon as possible through mid-December



Will manage the following tasks:

- communications & scheduling with performers

- booking/managing rehearsal space

- communicating tech needs to rehearsal space

- communicating tech notes to designers

- taking production notes at rehearsals + rehearsal reports

- board operator during performances

Length of Commitment: mid-October through mid-December

Does this describe you?
- previous experience as a Producer or Stage Manager of theater and/or film in the New York City area
- previously created art about social justice or has worked with social justice organizations
- a strong understanding of the importance of intersectional activist work
- an excellent promoter
- strong writing ability
- very organized and detail oriented
- a desire to contribute CREATIVELY within the content-generating rehearsals and creative decision making as needed! 


The Stage Manager fee will be negotiated based on candidate's previous experience. 

The honorarium for this role is $1,250, however it is negotiable. As we are currently looking to bring on a stage manager and a marketing manager for this project, please let us know if you are interested in serving as a hybrid/dual function. The honorarium is of course negotiable given the functions that the producer will serve. 

How to apply

If you are interested in either of these roles, please email us your resume and a concise cover letter to,  subject: WoW Producer or WoW Stage Manager.