Well of Wills invites you to a 48-hour Process to Performance Lab

with a live performance at: PPPPPPurim 2018: Prophetic Post-Patriarchy Purim Performance Party

Create: Feb 26th, 6:00 - 11:00 PM in Bushwick

Final Performance: Feb 28th @ House of Yes



Does performing live at one of the hottest venues in NYC scare the pants off you? How about performing something that you create in under 48 hours with a chorus of womxn? Yes?! Maybe?! ABSOLUTELY!

Well! 2018 is all about dismantling all that our patriarchal society has attempted to ensnare us with and what better way to start, than by decolonizing your body from fear!

Womxn of WOW, You are invited to participate in a crazy experiment in which we embrace the chaos and chance of creating a performance art piece within a short window of “TIME” - 2 days to be precise.

How the F?!

You will arrive at a rehearsal space on February 26th and spend 5 hours with the womxn of the Well of Wills. We will pour over sources and ideas while breaking bread together and then spend the final 4 hours writing and devising a group performance of 7-10 minutes in length. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - a crash course in performance technique is included in the lab.

On February 28th, 5:00pm we meet at Nessa’s in Bushwick for a brief rehearsal and then at 6:30pm head to House of Yes to perform!

What the F?!

This year, LabShul is doing Purim differently: at NY’s most esteemed venue for parties and performance. The theme of the evening: Post-Patriarchy. Our Nessa Norich had a mad idea to gather the Well of Wills women and bring our voices together in force to be added to this revolutionary theatrical event.

Our performance piece will be a combination of recited text and movement; jewish female perspectives of liberation inspired by the Purim story and our personal lives. You will only perform what is in your comfort zone (or within a healthy stretch;).

Who the F?!

* In order to perform you must be present all of the following times:

Dinner/Workshop Feb 26th 6-11pm - Location: (Nessa’s) Bushwick off the Morgan L

Rehearsal Feb 28th promptly at 5:30pm (you may arrive from 5:00pm) - Location: (Nessa’s) Bushwick off the Morgan L

Performance Feb 28th 7:00pm - Location: House of Yes, Jefferson L

* This is open to 13 women - first come first serve - mandatory RSVP by February 19th.

* Cost: $20 - to go towards dinner, costume budget + admission to the event.

*We will be in the experienced hands of theater director, writer and performer, Nessa Norich, who had devised dozens of original plays.

Can I be involved if I’m not available for all of those dates/times?

You’re welcome to come to the dinner & rehearsal on Feb 26th to contribute to the creative process.

Is there prep involved?

We will send you some source material before the workshop. It would be great if you could take a look at it. Additionally, we will likely send a writing prompt your way pre-workshop. Nothing will be mandatory, just strongly recommended. It’s going to be mega-fun.

Can I bring people to the performance?

Yes! Performers will receive a discounted $10 ticket code for a plus 1. Other than that, your friends can purchase their tickets here. (General Admission is $15, $20 for reserved seating).

All other details will be disclosed once you are IN! If you have burning questions email



Hannah, Nessa, Mati, Danielle & Meirav