Experience your soul in its most primal, poetic, soulful, sensual expression.

Join us as we probe, question and create rituals that support the evolution of our creative-spiritual selves in a supportive circle of women.

This project, a labor of tremendous love, is fueled by our mission to empower womxn as spiritual leaders by building pathways to each woman’s source of inspiration, creativity and inner-strength.

As a collective, we will explore how personal and co-created prayer and ritual can impact change in our daily lives. We will develop contemplative languages, practices, and experiments through meditation, movement, collaborative composition and performance.

Overview of the day

With a group of 50 women-identifying participants, the first workshop engages the entire group in a 2-hour meditation journey, intended to transport the participants into a sensual, aware and expressive state through a mix of dance, visualization and collaborative tasks, giving the participants tools for improvisational expression and fearless experimentation in the second part of the day (following a delicious lunch!), the ritual-design lab.  

In the ritual-design lab, participants will co-create their own prayer workbooks using mixed-media based on our own co-authored siddur created for the participants of this event. This siddur will be distributed to all guests to take home. In small groups, the participants will devise their own ritualized and site-specific performances that correlate with the four pillars of our content-framework. The collaborative group work will culminate in performances for the wider group in final site-specific performances. 

Together, we take part in an experimental creative task. Research into the way faith has formed our individual identities as womxn and how religious practice shapes our mirrors. Ultimately, we will create new rituals that expand our horizons of creative-spiritual expression.

Photography by Mati Engel part of the "Posture Present" series created/captured at the Well of Wills December 2016 retreat.